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Blackberry are the phones marketed and designed by black berry limited. Blackberry launched its first email pager in 1999 and its recent mobile phones are Z 10, Z30, Q 10, and Q 5. These phones are launched in 2013 and 14. Some of them have physical keyboards but the latest black berry mobile phones have touch screen virtual keyboards and the latest features with the black berry’s operating system black berry 10. The BlackBerry ID gives you access to apps for BlackBerry and keep all your information if you change your device. If you lose or change the BlackBerry smartphone or tablet, the BlackBerry ID information will help you change and save everything to your new black berry or the old one. In addition, you have access to everything in your phone. Use this app on a computer to locate or erase everything on your smartphone if lost. BlackBerry App World is now a BBM-connected app, so you can automatically share the latest downloads of apps with your contacts through your BBM profile. You can stay connected to Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and many other social media sources with the help of your BBM ID. With the latest update to the BlackBerry Travel app Read More...

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