Apple iphone 5S 64GB= Pkr 98,500   Apple iphone 5S 32GB= Pkr 86,000   Lg G Flex= Pkr 78,000   Apple Iphone 5 64GB= Pkr 75,000   Samsung Galaxy S5= Pkr 75,000   Apple iphone 5S 16GB= Pkr 71,500   Samsung galaxy Note 3= Pkr 69,999   BlackBerry Q10= Pkr 66,500   Apple Iphone 5 16GB= Pkr 66,000   HTC Butterfly= Pkr 62,000  

Latest Nokia Mobile Prices

Nokia is a mobile phone company. Itís headquarter is in Finland. Nokia provides services like internet, different application, games and messaging. Nokia has more than 101,982 employees working in 150 different countries. Nokia generates up to 30 billion of revenue per year and is situated with New York and Helsinki stock exchange. Nokia was the largest company from 1998 to 2012. Nokia shared a partnership with Microsoft in 2011 to finish Symbian phones and launch windows touch phones due to loss in their previous products. Android smart phones and Google phones sheltered the market. Now Nokia has almost finished their Symbian phones and has launched many windows phones which are called Lumia series. Rumors are heard that Nokia is integrating their windows phone with android in the back end. Nokia is very famous for its tough body and long battery timing. Nokia phones now also have a very powerful GUI
compared to other android and smart phones. The Nokia Corporation is a Finnish company of telecommunications which is headquartered in capital of Finland. 3 world leader in the manufacture of machines, in general, for Read More...
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