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Q mobile is the largest mobile phone selling brand in Pakistan and was founded in Karachi by Mian Pervez Akhtar. Qmobile has many products like touch phones, common phones, qwerty phone and best of all Q mobile is selling android phones. Now q mobileís A900, Z3 and Z4 are internationally sold and are very good phones. These are only rumors that its qayadiyani mobiles. Itís a Pakistani company and has grown very large by providing good quality phones and marketing like ads on TV and other social media. Q mobile does not have a manufacturing unit in Pakistan and like other few cell phone companies it purchases parts from china and assembles them and sell in the brand name of Q mobile. When Q mobiles were launched, they decided to sell low cost cheap phones with maximum features for the people who canít afford expensive phones. But when the company boosted they decided to launch Android phones with dual core processors. And this idea has worked so far that now Q mobile phones are sold internationally.Read More...

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